The Bloom Garden That Wasn’t

Thursday this week would have been the start of Bloom 2020, Wednesday the much anticipated press day with not only everyone making a huge effort, to get their gardens noticed and that highly coveted front page image that only few ever make, alas this year it is not to be and we are so very disappointed as for this years Bloom we had teamed up with our very good friend Andrew Dunne of Andrew Christoper Designs who had designed a garden for us, we were not only supplying the garden but we were sponsoring the garden too, so yes we actually had A ‘Caragh Nurseries Garden’ how fancy is that! The garden was, is just what my kids would call ‘the bomb’, Andrew is a genius designer, if you don’t know him do look him up, his instagram is @andrew_christoper_design but you will definitely recognise his gardens, take a look at his garden from 2 years ago, this is so very beautifully executed and oh yes we supplied the trees for this garden too.

This years garden was celebrating gardens generally, it was a gentle formation of textures and planting and you would just have loved it we were so very excited to show you all. It was perfect for the time we were in, with gardens now playing such a big part in everyones life, there is an amazing sofa with planting all around and water. The hardest part is that we were all ready to start the build, stone from Italy was all en-route, wooden panels all stained ready, planting all timed to perfection with the feature trees picked especially to be timed to absolute perfection for the right amount of fresh leaves, so much goes into a show garden behind the scenes and this garden has been expertly timed to ensure that everything was just right for 31st May, 2020. Alas, I can’t show you the garden in any sort of detail as the good news is that we will most definitely be showing it at the next Bloom, which we really hope is Bloom 2021 but only time will tell. But I’ve given you a really sneaky peak at the concept renders, above, so get a taste of what is to come.

This last week would have been RhS Chelsea and then followed by Bloom, this is our favourite time of year and we do love showing you how to create gardens that you can be proud of but also in the times we are in, gardens that are useable, gardens you can work in when the weather allows, gardens we can relax in, gardens we can spend time with friends and family, gardens we can spend quality time in. We are finding more and more that this is the key to keeping everyone happy this year, with no promise of overseas holiday, spa and weekend breaks being very unlikely and even dining out not featuring as much on the agenda for the summer. So hopefully we won’t disappoint with all this week being dedicated to some of favourite show gardens over the years from both Chelsea and Bloom with a few others thrown in for good measure. If you don’t already make sure you follow my Instagram @https:// or Facebook @CaraghNurseriesNaas for a real dose of beautiful gardens.

Bloom Gold Medal 2018. Sustainable Seafood garden by Andrew Christopher Dunne.
Bloom 2019
Vina Dona Paula – A Matter of Altitute Garden
by Alan Rudden


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