Gardening trends for 2020

So what are we going to be seeing in our Show Gardens and in gardening magazines this year, read our guide on keeping your garden ahead of the curve.


This years Pantone colour of the year has been announced as Classic Blue sometimes known as Pacific Blue and you will see that along with plenty of other colours in this years gardens.

Its a great accent colour but for walls you will warmer shades, slightly retro feel of the 1990s but hopefully we can add a little finesse to it,  this wall of warm purple shades with stunning planting to bring the colour through is what I see in the most stylish gardens this year.

Belgian Style Gardens

Like the Scandinavian style the Belgians are all about simplicity but they add that French natural textures to their style and are now the Uber-chic of European Garden Design with plenty of style like this one by Mia Witham



Stone is leaning more and more towards man made with porcelain tiles being the most preferred for terraces over the last 12 months, this year will see much more  formed concrete in coloured and natural used to create floating-look stairs, barbecue benches and small terraces.  We are also seeing much more concrete fibre outdoor tables. These cantilevered stairs down to the garden make a great statement in the garden


We are starting to see pools in lots of gardens, we have designed a couple of gardens including pools in the last month and one of these we have found the ideal contractor and the client is having this installed and the requests for these are increasing especially now with the use of thermal heat sources to heat the pools is more readily available. I will be doing more research into this area and a specific post n this in the coming weeks but what could be more inviting than your own swimming pool in the garden!

Outdoor Play

This isn’t just one for the garden but generally, we have seen over the last 10+ years that our next generation has been less inclined to just play in the garden, needing more and more ways to keep them amused.

By designing play zones so that they are integral to the garden layout. We are adding natural rope swings and balance beams constructed of logs and timbers sliced lengthways. A bit of rustic fun tracking through the borders, encouraging the little ones to get outside. and get off their screens.  The pool above would be ideal if the budget will stretch but if not maybe an outdoor reading nook or a hammock would do the trick. Always have an extra pair or two of wellies around for friends to play outdoors, take the Scandinavian approach to getting kids out even if the weather isn’t perfect.

 Outdoor entertaining

With the rise of the home cook and the healthier living comes a renewed enthusiasm for al fresco dining and outdoor kitchens

People still like large outdoor entertaining areas with plenty of seating and tables for  outdoor eating. That’s going to continue for some time but we have recently installed a barbecue that doubles as an outdoor fireplace for the ultimate outdoor entertaining experience and the demand for outdoor furniture of all kinds be it large dining tables to seat 8-12 people of sofa sets for a super relaxed ‘bringing the indoors out’ feel.


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