First for Stock

Another big delivery to the nursery this morning, this time from sunny Italy. This is our third delivery of the week so far, and its only Tuesday!

At this time of year, we can expect anything from one to three deliveries per week, with anything up to 12,500 items per load. As you can imagine, this keeps us very busy unloading and organising. Some of this stock will go straight back out to customers who had ordered items for their design projects, but there is always lots left here on the nursery for sale.

A lot of thought goes into the perfect placement of plants and trees on the nursery, as different species prefer different conditions like light, shade, warmth and cool or breezy positions. We do our absolute best to ensure that all of our plants and trees thrive as much as possible, so take great care in ensuring that environmental conditions are optimum.

As we are just about to begin rootball season (November – March), bare-root and rootballed trees and hedging are in high demand. Bare-root means that the plant has been grown in our own fields at the nursery, lifted while dormant and the soil has been shaken off so that the bare root system is visible. Bare-root plants are an economical choice because they are bought without compost or pots, making them a cheaper option. They are also easier to transport and faster to transplant, and since the plant is dormant, it suffers least disruption.

Root-balled plants and trees have been lifted from the open ground with a large ball of earth around their roots, which is then wrapped in hessian, or similar biodegradable material. These items are planted with the wrapping still in place, causing little disruption to the root structure. Root-balls are generally cheaper than container grown plants and can often establish better than bare-root specimens.

However, any plant or tree that has started life in the ground as opposed to a pot, will have a much stronger root structure, which usually leads to heavier growth. Trees, shrubs and hedging plants will grow best when transplanted while dormant during the winter. This gives them a chance to put a root system firmly in place and be ready for growth in the spring.

Another popular item on the nursery are our espalier trees. These provide instant screening to create privacy, disguise unwanted views and block neighbouring windows. They are a perfect solution when space is limited, can also be used to cover up walls and provide shelter for the garden as a windbreaker.

We stock a wide variety of mature, evergreen and espalier trees that are ideal for privacy and screening naturally. Our recently launched Caragh Nursery Park is open for viewing some of our biggest and most mature trees in a more, natural parkland setting.




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