A Tasteful Hotel Garden

The brief for this project in the Westgrove Hotel in Clane, Co Kildare was to create a garden at the hotel entrance. We met with the owners of the hotel several months ago and they asked us for ideas for  gardens and outdoor areas around the hotel and how we could enhance the appearance of the hotel.  It was clear to us that the hotel was conveniently located on a busy ring road around the Town and needed some maturity to make the road less visible and to block any road noise too. We set about designing a garden that would work as a stunning entrance but also as an addition for weddings in the hotel, a place for guests to gather and a backdrop for photographs.

The hotel is a large stately hotel and is very popular for weddings so we had to plan around this with least disruption and between wedding bookings so we had to have a timetable that included long days and to have everything completed within a 4-5 day period, it was some ask but our Operations Manager David was well used to these demands and stepped up to the plate and delivered all we asked of him and more.  With our strong experience in hotel and hospitality gardens the team know exactly what is needed to create a stunning commercial garden.
We added plenty of maturity and cover to the perimeter of the garden to hide the road and reduce the noice level and two water features to add water music and so the road noise was drastically reduced, you would now hardly know that the road was there. We planted an array of stunning trees for interest all year round, 3 really mature Upright Oaks at 7 metres tall, Pines at over 6 metres and a stunning table top cherry.  There was a large London plane with its oversized foliage giving lime green summer colour and silver grey bark, a mature Liriodendron Tulipifera commonly named the Tulip Tree because of its large Tulip shaped flowers.  Two mature Evergreen Magnolia and two Parrotia Persica with its magnificent Autumn colouring.  To add something a little special we added two extremely tall 5 ball clipped conifers, really showy pieces but as with all the trees planted adding something different for year round coverage and interest. The hotel owners had the vision to trust us implicitly on our plant choices, they allowed us to run with our design and their feedback and that of their clientele has been rewarding.
  Now time to add structure, colour and interest to the garden with shrubs, hydrangeas, agapanthus, some bamboo, again for noise with its beautiful rustle and lots of herbaceous colour.  We are delighted with the end result, it does everything we set out to do and would like to thank the team at the Westgrove Hotel for allowing us to share this with you.
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