Our launch event

Last Friday saw the launch of our two new projects; Caragh Nursery Park and Caragh Design Studio at what was an amazing afternoon.  The hard work had all been done, we were all just a little exhausted after a week of finishing, tidying and beautifying the place.  By Friday morning the place was looking better than it has ever been.


Everything was looking amazing and the sun was shining so what more could we ask for, we had The Food Junkie arrive in his mobile pizza van and our recently converted horse box was now a drinks van and most importantly the trees and plants looked amazing and the train carriage with its major facelift was glowing and internally it has been transformed, little jars of flowers on all the tables  and displays of all our most recent designs and plans were displayed on easels around the carriage.


Our new golf buggy to bring customers from the nursery to the park was washed and ready to transport all the visitors and all the team had changed into their lovely new white branded T-shirts (I know white isn’t a good colour for the nursery but they looked amazing!)

Visitors started arriving at 2.30 and and a lovely stream of people came throughout the day, enjoyed a glass or two with us and one of the stone baked pizzas and everyone seemed to really enjoy the day.  Ewe had a number of guests throughout the day including a couple of well known names.

Jamie Heaslip, of Ireland and Leinster fame did us the honour of opening the event for us after he had shown an interest in our plants and trees for his own garden, we cheekily asked him if he’d do this and he obliged and was charming and lots of pictures were taken and it was a genuinely lovely day into evening.

Thanks to everyone who was there, helped make it happen and brought it all together, thanks to Jamie for cutting the ribbon and not minding me along with most women and a lot of men being slightly mesmerised, thanks to the Food Junkie, Thanks to Philip Darling who helped us with our vision which his creativity it became so much more.  To Ciara and Jenni of The Word Store who ensured that the whole thing came together on the day , thanks to Ashling from the Kildare Post for photographs throughout the day and to Tom Lawler whose photographs and drone images were amazing   and thanks to all the crew at Caragh Nurseries whose hard work and dedication made it happen.  Lastly thanks to Ian and our kids who all helped on the day, you are amazing and Ian this was your dream initially and look at it now!




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