Rootballed Season Is Here

It’s hard to believe the year is flying by so quickly and I was just easing back into full speed after a quieter Summer on the nursery and here we are with the Rootballed season  upon us ALREADY!

The semi-mature trees that we have planted in out own fields, are allowed to grow in open ground and so the have are healthy and with great root structures and as more mature trees they have been allowed to grow over a good number of years with the right amount of care, pruning and special care to their root structure, if the roots are allowed to grow too extensively it will not only make the tree too hard to move it will also mean the root structure is not as strong although this and some careful pruning does mean the head is not as big as if it was left to it’s own devices this is to the benefit of the tree long term and does make it an awful lot easier to move the trees to their new homes too.  We are the premier supplier in Ireland of Rootballed and Mature trees to the General Public and so our range is extensive and we have a large supply, making sure we always have availability of what you want is imperative to us.



Why do we Rootball Trees and Hedging? 

Once a tree reaches a certain size it requires the stability of a Rootball to ensure it has the best possible start, that is usually 14-16cm in deciduous trees and dependent on size but is usually the case for most Evergreen Trees. These trees are specially selected and then lifted from the field  and  these trees have their root system carefully enclosed and held in place with hessian, which ensures the soil remains in contact with the roots throughout lifting, transportation and planting operations. Our root-ball trees have been prepared by being ‘undercut’ i.e. root pruned or transplanted several times (every 3 years for Deciduous and 4 years for Evergreen) to encourage the development of a fibrous root system. Don’t worry we won’t charge you extra for some of our fab Caragh Soil!!

Rootballed Hedging is lifted in the same way and is for more mature hedging and also for the majority of Evergreen Hedges, again this encourages the best possible root system for your mature and Evergreen Hedging plants. As one of the leading suppliers of Rootballed and Mature Hedging in Ireland we have a great selection including Laurel, Portuguese Laurel, Box, Yew, Conifers and much more.

What are the benefits of Buying Rootballed Hedging for you?

The hessian and wire are biodegradable and therefore there is no packaging waste to dispose of
The cost of a rootballed tree can be less than a containerised tree
They’re easy to handle when planting
They have a good establishment rate as they’re planted in the dormant winter months

Some Planting Tips for Rootballed Trees & Hedging 

Follow the same criteria as for containerised and bare root plants. Please see the planting guide on our website
Do not remove the hessian or wire. The hessian will naturally rot down allowing the root system to develop. The wire will break down soon after planting
Leaving the hessian in place helps to maintain the completeness of the root system

As the season has caught me off guard I better be away and get all the new stock on the website but for now any Rootballed stock that you need please conatct us directly on 045 879170 or jo@https://







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