Getting so much use from the pizza oven

Again tonight we cranked up the pizza oven, we have used it almost every day for the last two weeks, it has been amazing. So tonight we tried something new, I did a bit of research to try to find a new way to cook wood fired fish in the pizza oven and found that you can use Oak planks to give the salmon a gorgeous taste

Pre-soak a wooden plank that will fit your salmon fillet for a couple of hours, I chose Oak, but Maple would work well, as would most hardwoods or fruit/nut woods. Soaking stops the plank from burning too quickly.


Place the salmon on the plank, and then plank into the oven, just inside the door, keep an eye that the salmon doesn’t burn if the oven is running hot, and turn the plank around so all sides cook. The salmon should take 20 minutes maximum, I brushed mine with a mix of 4tbps Maple Syrup mixed with a small amount of  Whisky for the last 5 minutes to build up a glaze.

Last night we cooked a really simple prawns in the pizza oven too, prawns, garlic, chilli, parsley, olive oil & butter and a good squeeze of lemon all served with a lovely bowl of salad and some tomato bread it was just gorgeous.

If its another good day tomorrow, as forecast, think we are going back to Pizzas – some special requests from the kids as they love making their own with individual toppings, I love this idea for some healthy choices

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