Making a Name For Ourselves in Hotels

We have been delighted with how well some of our Hotel Gardens have been received, we really are becoming the go-to Designers and Suppliers for Hotel & Restaurant Gardens.

As Business owners we think firstly with that hat on ‘What will attract more customers and drive revenue for the business?’ there is no point creating a spectacular garden in a Hotel or Business if is not going to add-value for the owner. Will more customers use this part of the outdoor space more often, will they be able to eat or drink outside? Will that then add to the number of customers they can accommodate? If the wedding garden is upgraded will that add to the amount of weddings the business can hold or the amount of guests that stay in the hotel for longer?  If this was my business then this is what would matter to me, if I’m going to spend the money will I see a return on it and in all cases the designs we put in place we think the answer is YES!


The Second thing we look at is creating something unique with each garden, every designer has their own style and that grows and develops over time but what we do with our commercial business owners is really try to bring a uniqueness to each project, designing what will fit in with the hotel, be attractive and really bowl over their guests with the individuality of the design but this has to keep in a realistic budget.

From Design to supply to planting we can do it all if required but usually there are gardeners in place and so we can work with the gardeners, assisting them when necessary in the planting but supplying top quality plants is what we do best.

If you would like to talk to our Commercial Design  Specialist you can do so on 045 879170 or email jo@https:// for more details

Did you see our business feature interview in the Independent you can read it here 





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