Best in Show

Huge Congratulation to Chris Beardshaw who has won the Best in Show for his Morgan Stanley Garden for the NSPCC, he wasn’t the bookies favourite but his proven track record and many years of experience of both Chelsea and Show Gardens has paid off and as I mentioned in my previous blog post  his is garden that you could see yourself sat in, one that can be transferred to lots of gardens around the country, to me that is important.  Its all well and good having the run of your creativity and producing gardens based on faraway places but and there does need to be a bit of that, something that inspires and challenges but at the end of the day people like to see how they can improve their own enviroment, getting ideas and motivation from what is hot in Chelsea and Bloom right now.

So  what did Chris Bearsdshaw’s garden deliver on above all the others.

Firstly he’s man after my own heart and in this garden the trees take centre stage with Betula nigra and Amelanchier giving a genuine sense of maturity to the garden, allowing ground level planting to soften the rest of the space

The pavilion has been designed by Chris and features a series of moveable screens which can be closed to create greater privacy and to offer differing vistas of the garden. Looking back out from the pavilion, the garden provides a safe, secure and rich sensory environment.

Woody plants and mature shrubs throughout the garden give a feeling of maturity, height and interest – things that we always consider paramount in our garden designs    The garden design provides a metaphor for the emotional transition that takes place in a child as they experience the positive impact of the NSPCC’s work. At the start of the garden, the direction of the path is unclear. It moves through a sheltered and densely planted woodland space, filled with a variety of shrubs, including a selection of acid loving rhododendrons and azaleas, shaded by the canopy of large specimen trees.

Chris is celebrating his 20th year designing at Chelsea Flower Show what a way to celebrate.


Now the most important bit, how to recreate a bit of Chris’s garden in your own garden, the planting is all straight forward enough


For a full plant list or to talk to us about garden design, don’t hesitate to contact me directly or see our garden design details here 



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