Snow days and new plants

So today is a snow day for lots of people in the East of the country an excellent day to plan your garden and order online your plants as don’t forget if you are wanting bare-root or rootballed trees and hedging you have only 4 weeks left to get them.

So here is our advice for those who have recently planted

Even if the soil freezes immediately after planting, your plants will be just fine. Leave them alone until the ground has completely thawed out.
When it is soft again, firm the soil back around your plants by walking but not stamping around them.
Always check your plants after a frost for their first couple of winters and firm the soil again when it has thawed.
Almost all of the plants we grow are fully hardy and will do just fine once they are in the ground.
All of our native hedging plants and big trees are completely frost hardy, there are a few exceptions and if you are unsure about your Mediterranean plants then do give us a call or drop me an email.

For New Planting

Most of a plant’s energy is stored in the roots during winter.   Broken roots lead to poor growth in spring and the plant will simply die if the damage is bad so we suggest when the ground is frozen like this to just wait until it passes, the plants will be just fine if cold but protected so leave the plants outside or in a shed with the roots covered (the black polythene they come in works fine.) The winter planting season ends when spring begins, which usually means the end of March but this weather will hopefully extend that time and if it does it will be safe to plant bareroot trees and hedging later. So there is no reason to panic or rush to plant once you have your plants reserved. 

Placing Your Order in Freezing Weather:

Please place your order online and choose your preferred delivery date as soon as possible, regardless of the weather we will sell out of lots of bare-root and rootballed trees and some hedging and so if you have them reserved we will take care of them until we an deliver them to you or you can collect them. This will get you in the queue for the delivery date you want. 

Hedging and trees can be found here