Rugby & Pizza – what is there better!

So Saturday arrived, the day we had all been looking forward to, the start of the 6Nations and with it the expectations of us all and although we are open until 5pm on a Saturday afternoon, Tomasz kindly held the fort while we skedaddled off to watch the match. My kids had the Delivita pizza oven lit and ready (it only takes 20 minutes to be ready) and the dough ready, which again doesn’t take long so we made one of our favourites the Napoli Salami Pizza with

Tin of Good quality Italian tomatoes

Good pinch of  Sea Salt

Grated Parmesan

Good handful of fresh basil leaves

Good quality Mozzarella roughly torn into pieces around the size of a €2 coin

Napoli Salami, which a slightly smoked and cured pork sausage

Rocket to garnish when cooked

It really is as simple as that

It tasted amazing and even at this time of year, we just brought the pizza oven closer to the house, its great its portable and we all watch the amazing Mr Sexton and That Drop Goal and we had the best evening, after that what could go wrong and the whole family devoured all the delicious home made wood fired pizzas. You can see our Delivita Pizza ovens here  






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