Viburnum plicatum Rowallane




One of the most graceful and ornamental shrubs that can be grown in the garden, this Viburnum has qualities that few could deny were worthy of greatness. It has style, grace, beautiful flowers and in this specific case very good autumn colour and fantastic vibrant coloured berries. One of its most attractive features is its tiered, horizontal growth which bears along the length of the branches, flattened heads of pure white flowers in early summer; this gives it a certain ‘hanging’ grace that few other plants possess.

 If you can give ‘Rowallane’ enough space it will develop a domed shape that shows off its spreading horizontal branches to their best and come the autumn the leaves will turn a rich red-purple along with deep red berries. Excellent in shrub borders, this Viburnum is a shrub that should rightly hold a place in the garden on its own as a specimen.

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