Taxus Baccata Semperaurea Compact Bonsai




This Golden Yew Bonsai form would make for a stunning addition in a raised bed as a feature tree, or in its own individual pot on a patio or outdoor seating area. Its multiple stems emerge from the base into many individually clipped clouds, to an overall height of 100-120cm. Its compact form means its suitable for smaller spaces, and will require little maintenance overall. Pruning once a year is necessary in order to maintain its shape, but after that it is hardy enough to be kept in areas of full sun, full shade, or even exposed windy sites (providing it is watered appropriately).

The Golden Yew is so-called due to its bright, golden-yellow foliage that emerges throughout the growing season, which then tints to a bronze-orange colour during the winter months. This creates some beautiful year-round interest, and the bright colours can contrast beautifully with surrounding greens.

The image shown here is of the same specimen that is available. Should you require any further details or photos, please feel free to contact us at any time.



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