Rhododendron Virginia Richards

Rhododendron Virginia Richards

Rhododendron Virginia Richards

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Rhododendron Virginia Richards is a dazzler for flower colour. Covered in about May with large trusses of wavy-edged flowers in a mixture of pink and soft orange that creates a marvellous peach to pink effect.

Virginia Richards is a dense growing evergreen shrub with green glossy leaves which bring out the fabulous peach/pink coloured flowers each spring.

Rhododendron Virginia Richards will grow to a height of approximately 2m with a 2m spread after about 10 years. Plant in full sun to partial shade, well-draining, moist, acid soil. Plant shallow, do not be tempted to plant too deep.  Prefers clay, loamy or sandy type soils. Ideal for beds and borders, banks and slopes, cottage type gardens, and by walls.

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