Rhododendron Tortoiseshell Orange

Rhodo Tortoiseshell Orange

Rhododendron Tortoiseshell Orange

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Tortoiseshell Orange is an awesome rhododendron hybrid , it combines soft golden yellow and pale salmon pink shades resulting in a beautiful pastel orange colour. Freshly opened flowers and in morning light they appear more pink, mature ones and in afternoon sun they turn more orange. They are quite large, campanulate, and open in late May to early June.

Evergreen leaves are mid green, with slightly curved margins. We suggest growing this variety in a sheltered spot, protected from  drying winds. It grows medium fast to a shrub almost 1.6 -1.8m tall and wide with less rounded habit, rather a flat top.

As with all Rhodos they require a good hummus-rich soil slightly acidic soil or good ericaceous compost.

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