Prunus Pendula Rosea


Prunus Pendula Rosea

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Description :
The Weeping Pink Cherry Tree is a relatively small, decidous tree, also known as Drooping Rosebud Cherry, and will grow to around 4 metres x 4 metres when fully mature. This gorgeous weeping cherry develops a broad, weeping crown with branches that are arching and pendulous. Small, oval shaped leaves are a lovely fresh green colour in spring and will change from the deep green, through orange, to a striking red colour in autumn. The flowers are profuse and cover the branches in springtime, first appearing as dark pink buds which gradually open to become a lighter pink with semi double flowers. This is a gorgeous specimen tree that is easy to grow in most aspects of any decent, well draining soil, it prefers a sunny position.
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35L 12-14cm girth, Standard

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