Prunus Oku Miyako

Prunus oku Miyako

Prunus Oku Miyako

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Description :

Prunus ‘Oku-Miyako’, (‘Blushing Bride’ Flowering Cherry), is a smaller growing cherry¬† which grows in more of a table top shape, blossoms carmen pink in the spring, and has wonderful autumn foliage. It requires staking and tying when young and will benefit from a light annual feed of a general garden fertiliser in the spring. Apart from this it needs little maintenance.

This spreading cherry tree, which is wider than it is tall, flowers later than most. Its light-pink buds, which open to white flowers, are sometimes likened to little ballerinas. Full height is approx 5m tall but can grow 8m wide. 

Remember the height on these plants isn’t as important as the girth as it is a table top tree





Additional Information :
Pot Size

10-12cm girth, Rootballed 3m tall, 12-14cm girth Rootballed 3.5m tall, 16-18cm girth Rootballed, 4m tall, 18-20cm Rootballed 4.5-5, tall

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