Prunus Morello / Fruiting Cherry Tree

Morello Cherry tree

Prunus Morello / Fruiting Cherry Tree

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7.5L  5 feet tall   2 years old


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Morello is a dark sweet dessert cherry bred in Europe. The large fruit is exceptionally crisp and firm and more crack and split resistant than most sweet cherries. It ripens late in the season and the fruit is medium-sized, almost black with dark red flesh; wonderful rich cherry flavour when cooked. Fruit contains the anti-oxidant and sleep-regulator melatonin. Compact, spreading tree, very hardy and reliable, regular cropper. Tolerates shade, and can be grown against a north wall. Prune as little as possible, and only in summer. Self-fertile and an excellent pollinator, with a long flowering season.

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10L 175-200cm tall

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