Prunus Domestica Reine Claude Verte / Greengage tree

Greengage Plum Tree

Prunus Domestica Reine Claude Verte / Greengage tree

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Greengage plums are cultivars of the common European plum (Prunus Domestica), best known for their greenish skin and rich, confectionery flavour. Originally bred in France, Reine Claude Verte is a medium-sized, deciduous tree that is considered to be the most popular variety of greengage plums, and it is the only variety that is almost an unchanged form of the original greengage cultivar.

This upright, compact tree flaunts a lush display of white blossoms in March through to April. The dainty, 5-petalled flowers are attractive to pollinators and followed by round, light green plums that can be picked from the tree in September. Do not let the deceiving colour of greengage plums fool you- these plums are juicy and exceptionally sweet. The fruit is equally tasty when eaten straight from the tree or when processed into preserves.

The Greengage tree is usually slightly larger than most fruit and looks right at home as part of an orchard and can reach 6-8metres if allowed. They are fully hardy and not to fussy on soil type.  Plums are very handsome trees, with their beautiful natural form and romantic spring blossoms as well as a large crop of fruit too boot. It ordinarily has an abundant fruit production. and its sweet plums are both culinary and dessert  but to not that they do not store well unless frozen.


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10L 175-200cm

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