Pinus mugo Specimen Compact Bonsai



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A hardy mountain conifer, Pinus mugo can be found in many shapes and forms. Naturally a compact, mound-forming shrub, it can be pruned and clipped to make interesting bonsai specimens that will provide interest and colour in the garden all year-round.

Here we have a beautifully compact specimen piece, small but carefully minded and pruned over the years to make this distinctive cleared multi-stem cloud pruned shape. Provided in a 55L pot and a height of 80-100cm, it could make a lovely addition to patio or outdoor lounging areas. It can be maintained in a larger sized pot long-term if required, and would be considered very low maintenance.

***the image shown here is the same specimen that we have currently available. Please feel free to contact us if you require any further information and/or additional photos.






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