Pinus Mugo Half standard


Pinus Mugo Half standard



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Many dwarf mountain pines are very similar which makes telling the variety most difficult. Not in this case. Picobello mountain pine was selected by K.Dierks from Bad Zwischenahn, Germany, in 1982, and is not only handsome but also different from others. It makes short new shoots with about 4 cm long, dark green, glossy needles that are tightly congested around the branches forming a rounded cylinder. New growths on older plants look like emerald tufts at the branch tips. Picobello is a slow grower and makes dense, rounded shrubs. It can be pruned or clipped in mid spring by cutting or removing new shoots.

This pine, thanks to its bright colour in winter, will look great in combination with evergreen shrubs with dark green leaves or needles because especially in winter it will make a stunning contrast. Dwarf pines are ideal for larger rockeries or planters on patios. Ā Pines need full sun and well-drained soil.

This one has been grown as a half standard tree 110L 90cm stem with an oval shaped head of 110cm wide and 80cm high

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