Photinia Red Robin Specimen Screens




With its red, glossy young foliage, and large, rounded heads of ivory flowers, this versatile evergreen shrub is deservedly popular. It colours up best in full sun, and will usually only flower in sunny conditions, It can cope with hard pruning, so can be trimmed to form an informal hedge or clipped into strong shapes. The flowers appear in mid and late spring, and are sometimes followed by spherical red fruit.

These spectacular specimen are approximately 4 – 4.5 metres tall and an equally whopping 3 metres wide providing instant coverage and a substantial screen. These are reasonably well matured at this stage but will continue to grow another metre or so.  Photinia needs caring for as if left it can look a little ‘gappy’ and get loose so my recommendation would always be to make sure that the plants always have moisture and a good feed, try our Chicken Chit, as it has a slow release of nutrients and a good enriched compost will ensure that those nutrients stay int he soil as will the moisture.

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