Malus Winter Gem / Fruiting Apple Tree

Malus Winter Gem

Malus Winter Gem / Fruiting Apple Tree

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Description :

For an exceptional eating apple, look no further than the rather rare Winter Gem. It has an outstandingly aromatic, typical flavour with just the right mix of acid, juiciness and sweetness. Ripening in late October (perfect timing for apple bobbing!) it is one of the last eaters to crop and in that time it has developed a really complex and special taste. The green fruit are flushed with red, medium sized and very attractive on a tree which is extremely resistant to bitter pit and cankers of all sorts. It flowers in the first half of May producing white and fragrant blossom and will act as a pollinator for other apple trees.

Additional Information :

35L 8-10cm girth, 10-12ft tall

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