Malus Sunset / Fruiting Apple Tree

Malus Sunset

Malus Sunset / Fruiting Apple Tree

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Description :

Very heavy regular cropper, superb aromatic flavour, crisp and juicy, golden-yellow with orange-red flush. A smaller apple than Cox’s but as it is much easier to grow is widely grown as a garden variety. Suitable for colder areas and is more resistant to frost.

Another advantage of Sunset is its ability to regularly produce a crop year in year out. Even if the fruit have not been thinned the previous year you will still end up with a large number of apples.

Many small gardens have room for only one apple tree and Sunset is fully self-fertile so has no problems with pollination when grown on its own. It also pollinates other apple trees very well. Apples are ready for harvest from late September to October

Additional Information :

35L 8-10cm girth, 10-12ft tall

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