Malus Howgate Wonder / Apple Tree

Malus Howgate Wonder

Malus Howgate Wonder / Apple Tree

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Description :

The result of a cross between Newton Wonder and Blenheim Orange – this variety produces huge cooking apples with a gorgeous sweet flavour. Fruits stay firm and do not collapse when cooked. This is also a popular variety for showing due to the size of the fruits for any would be country fayre enthuiasts!  Its apples are red streaked over a ground of yellow/green and so have that properly old fashioned look  The flesh is cream coloured and has a real crunch to it which you may appreciate when the apple is properly ripe because Howgate Wonder is one of those apples that bridges the gap between cooker and eater.

It is Partially self-fertile  but pollination by another apple will maximise the crop of fruits,

Additional Information :

35L 8-10cm girth, 10-12ft tall

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