Malus Domestica Braeburn Mature Trees




The Braeburn Apple is one of the best known shop bought apples and for good reason. This eating apple is smooth-skinned, crisp and juicy – everything an eating apple should be. The Braeburn Apple tree was originally bred in New Zealand in the 1950s and has been popular ever since. It grows well in Irish gardens producing heavy fruit crops.  Perfect for Pollinators  because it attracts a variety of pollinating insects with its fragrant blossom.

In spring the first leaves unfurl a bright pale green, and are soon followed by pale pink blossom carrying five individual petals. Deep pink buds open into paler star-shapes with golden stamens. The perfect pink petals ripen into tiny firm apples that gradually swell over the summer months. The foliage also gathers pace, bursting out in a darker green with feathered edges. The blossom stage is extremely attractive and it is worth growing Braeburn apples trees for this long.

These specimens are extremely mature and have been fruiting prolifically for a good number of years, they have the appearance of a fruit tree that you my have seen as a child in an orchard garden, absolutely gorgeous tree and fruit.

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280L 30-40cm girth, Airpot 35-40cm girth