Ilex Nellie Stevens Specimen Cones



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Perhaps the best choice when a traditional holly is what you are looking for. Deep emerald green foliage with the characteristic spiky leaves, providing a reliable and long lasting heavy crop of red to orange berries . Tiny white flowers in spring. A very robust variety which is easy to grow.

These ones are shaped into lovely cones at this very mature size of 3.5 – 4metres tall and are on display in our Nursery Park.

Because we’re all about the experience, we’ve created a parkland setting with more than 100 large, mature, specimen, shaped, bonsai and topiary trees, so can view and appreciate them in all their glory.

Our concept is to take your time when choosing your trees and explore how they sit in a natural setting. You’ll be able to sense the textures, colours and height and of course, we’ll be on hand to advise on all the necessary aspects of planting and maintenance in their new garden home. If you can’t make it to us then do feel free to ask for the images of the exact specimen/s and we will happily send you them by email or WhatsApp

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290L 250-300cm cones, 375L 350-400cm, 50L 175-200cm, 90L 200-250cm