Ilex Crenata Kinme Bonsai

Ilex crenata kinme bonsai

Ilex Crenata Kinme Bonsai

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Description :

These impressive and spectacular topiary bonsai trees are fashioned over many years from Ilex Crenata ‘Kinme’. Slow growing and densely branched with small, oval shaped, dark green glossy leaves it is perfect for training into beautiful topiary specimens. Each tree is totally unique in it’s form. Evergreen, hardy and low maintenance, a light trim once or twice a year will ensure it keeps its elegant form. This is a striking specimen tree which makes a dramatic statement and brings a classic Oriental feel to any garden or space. Equally suited to growing in the open ground or in planters.

*Photo is for illustration purposes only, not an exact representation of the living product.*

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Pot Size

25L 140-160cm Bonsai

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