Ilex Crenata Kinme Art Form – Macro Bonsai – 250-300cm




Art Forms or Macro Bonsai are large plants – predominantly conifers like Ilex Crenata – which have been trained to look like large bonsai plants. Macro Bonsai in your garden will be an unmistakable gem.

There is an authentic art around these trees, more than 2000 years old, that was born in the Taoist temples of ancient China. Although much of the symbolism of its origin has been lost, in recent years the number of people interested in taking care of Macro Bonsai has grown.

These impressive and spectacular topiary bonsai trees are fashioned over many years from Ilex Crenata ‘Kinme’. Slow growing and densely branched with small, oval shaped, dark green glossy leaves.

Each tree is totally unique in it’s form. Evergreen, hardy and low maintenance, a light trim once or twice a year will ensure it keeps its elegant form. These are striking specimen trees ,which make a dramatic statement and bring a classic Oriental feel to any garden or space. Equally suited to growing in the open ground or in planters.

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