Gleditisa Sunburst

Gleditsia Sunburst

Gleditisa Sunburst

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Description :

The Gleditsia Sunburst or honey locust is a tree which has delicate fern like leaves subdivided into leaflets. It grows with an open, spreading canopy and has attractive, fine, somewhat weeping foliage.
It leafs up one of the later in the garden and does well in dry warm summers and can  struggle somewhat in colder, wet Irish weather, making it better in some years than others but is worth its unreliability, its isn’t called Sunburst for no reason! This is primarily a foliage tree having no flowers to speak of.

Sunburst grows to small to medium-sized tree to 8m (25ft).

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Pot Size

110L 16-18cm girth Standard Tree, 60L 10-12cm girth Top Grafted

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