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One of the toughest and most beautiful evergreen trees , the Quercus Ilex or Evergreen Oak is native to southern Europe where the climate is dry. In this country during the growing season, the days are long and it rains a lot and as a result, it becomes a much bigger tree than in its native habitat and are extremely long lived – just like their close Irish relatives. They’ll grow on chalk or clay, by the sea, in the middle of a wood (very shade tolerant) or on top of a hill. Very very few trees have such an ability to adapt to so many different climates.

In Italy, you see these clipped street trees or  ‘tettos’  in abundance and we have become a bit of a specialist in these beautifully shaped trees as they are superb for keeping there formal sculptural shape whilst also being very useful for screening and blocking, a real win/win as far as we are concerned.  We sell these clipped beauties on a 1.8m (6ft) clear stem with am architectural shaped head of 1.6m tall, a bit like a slender lollipop on a stick (think Milky moos but bigger! )

These trees are sold as  seconds as they have had some stem damage from high winds, whilst at a younger age. The damage in no way affects the trees and these have been tested to ensure this but has left some shading on the stems. This is reflected in the price of these stunning trees.

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