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Impressive size, graceful aspect, durable toughness, and spectacular flowers all combine to make Cortaderia selloana, more commonly known as Pampas Grass one of the most recognised plants in the landscape.
Pink Feather produces tall, pink-flushed, feathery plumes in late summer, above the large mounds of sharp-edged, mid-green leaves. This unusual pink form of pampas grass looks wonderful planted by water or set in the middle of a sunny, well-drained lawn. They generally bloom a week or two earlier than the white variety.

The real show starts in midsummer when the flowers, spectacularly tall plumes, suddenly erupt above the foliage. The leaves are narrow and arranged in dense fountain like clumps. The show continues well into winter as the feathery plumes persist and the foliage turns golden brown when touched by frost and cold weather.
Cortaderia selloana requires little maintenance, the plumes may be removed after the winter months just before the spring growth starts. Fast growing, it makes a great screen for hiding unsightly views. Planted in a hedge, it makes a formidable barrier and looks great used with palms, pines and other grasses.

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