Cedrus deodara Aurea Specimen Tree




Cedrus deodara ‘Aurea’, or Golden Cedar, is a hardy, relatively slow-growing conifer that grows tall with a natural conical habit. The wide spreading branches grow laterally before softly weeping downwards at the tips. The new growth emerges in spring in a golden yellow colour, before darkening slightly to a yellow-green as it matures over the summer and autumn months. It will grow in any soil type providing it is well-draining and in full sun. It would also prefer a bit of shelter from strong winds in order to keep it looking its best.

This Golden Cedar specimen tree stands at 4-4.5m tall, with a mature trunk 40-45cm in girth, supplied in a large 600L pot. It can be seen on display in our Nursery Park should you like to make a trip down to us – otherwise just pop us an email and we can provide you with any further information or photos if required.


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