Camellia Sasanqua Eleonora Genoni




Obtained in Italy in 1974 from Floriculture Lago Maggiore, Camellia sasanqua Eleonora Genoni is also known as Camellia sasanqua FLM 2, and in the past it was also baptized as C. sasanqua Marta Piffaretti. It is a winter camellia of good development, suitable for creating vigorous hedges, which in autumn open numerous fragrant and double, medium-sized and long-lasting flowers, of a bright pink colour. It lives well in the sun and in very cool soils, or in partial shade, and also adapts to form espaliers. It was recently renamed as Camellia sasanqua Eleonora Genoni by hybridisers, in honour of the daughter of the Lombard director of the Italian Society of Camellia, who died at a young age.

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