Buxus sempervirens Fastigiata

Buxus Fastigiata Graham Blandy

Buxus sempervirens Fastigiata

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Description :

For those box lovers here is a real treat, ‘Fastigiata’ is an outstanding upright form of Box hedging. The foliage is rich green with a hint of blue. Its true habit is upright. It grows taller than standard box, naturally and this one has been trimmed to create a box hedging look at 175-200cm tall (6-7ft tall) It really is a very rare find.  Use in a similar way to Yew Hedging or great for layering hedge to create a designer look.  They can also be trimmed easily to create one off features in the garden.

It is an excellent choice for narrow hedges or accenting a door or corner.  I am told it is rabbit resistant although in the field this is grown in there are other tastier morsels so I cannot be 100% on experience.

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45L 150-175cm

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