Acer Saccharinum / Silver Maple Multistems

Acer sacc

Acer Saccharinum / Silver Maple Multistems

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Description :

Large, stately growing tree with an undulating crown due to its slightly hanging branches. Growing to an above-average height with open branching and typical Maple leaf  formation. The colour is green with a grey white underside. The leaf stalk is red. In autumn the leaf usually turns yellow. Some leaves often turn orange to red creating a stunning  effect. The flowers emerge before the leaves unfurl. It has a shallow root system with strongly branching roots and many fibrous rootlets.  Is tolerant to moist soil and therefore multi-functional. Often applied as a street tree or  increasingly used as a park tree. Acer saccharinum grows in its natural habitat close to rivers and marshes but the tree also works well and grows on drier sites.

Acer Saccharinum is commonly grown as a multistem like these ones.


Additional Information :

Multistem 3.5 – 4metre Rootballed

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