Acer Saccharinum / Silver Maple

Acer sacc

Acer Saccharinum / Silver Maple

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Description :

Large, stately growing tree with an undulating crown due to its slightly hanging branches. Growing to an above-average height with open branching and typical Maple leaf  formation. The colour is green with a grey white underside. The leaf stalk is red. In autumn the leaf usually turns yellow. Some leaves often turn orange to red creating a stunning  effect. The flowers emerge before the leaves unfurl. It has a shallow root system with strongly branching roots and many fibrous rootlets.  Is tolerant to moist soil and therefore multi-functional. Often applied as a street tree or  increasingly used as a park tree. Acer saccharinum grows in its natural habitat close to rivers and marshes but the tree also works well and grows on drier sites.


Additional Information :

35L 10-12cm girth, 12ft

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