Acer palmatum Wilsons Pink dwarf /Japanese Maple

Acer Wilsons Pink dwarf

Acer palmatum Wilsons Pink dwarf /Japanese Maple

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The stunning deciduous foliage makes this acer suitable for any size of style of garden and also for container growing. Acer palmatum Wilson’s Pink Dwarf young leaves are bright pink in the spring and turn green with yellow tones. In autumn the leaves will turned bright red and then to orange.  Height 1.5-2m; spread 1-1.5m.

Acers are a wonderful family of deciduous trees  that put on a show-stopping display with their beautiful foliage, graceful habits and autumn colours. Plus they’re usually quite slow-growing, making them an ideal choice for a container on the patio as well as in the garden.

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14L 100-125cm, 50L 160cm +

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