Acer palmatum Summer Gold

Acer Summer Gold

Acer palmatum Summer Gold

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Description :

A lovely Japanese Maple with vibrant golden-yellow foliage,  Acer Palmatum ‘Summer Gold’ is a superb addition to your garden, with tiered layers of bright leaves which emerge salmon-pink before maturing to an eye-catching display of gold and lime green.

This is a super all-round maple, ideal for novice  gardeners, and proven to be successful,  as with other Japanese Maples, in autumn, Summer Gold puts on an exceptional display of colour, with the leaves gradually turning a beautiful shade of coral before transitioning through salmon-pink, scarlet and finally deep red.   Grow your Japanese Maple in full sun or partial shade for best colour and keep it well watered to prevent leaf scorch and wind damage.

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20L 100-125cm

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