Acer palmatum Specimen



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Acer palmatum, or Japanese Maple, is a well-known and beautifully admired tree world-round with many different cultivars. A deciduous tree that takes on a beautiful, natural form as it matures. It produces light, delicate foliage which usually gives slight changes and contrasts in its colours as the seasons progress. Leaves will emerge in mid-spring in a soft green, which darkens slightly over the summer months to give a lush but still light and airy coverage of green foliage. It then gives its spectacular autumn display of yellows, oranges, and sometimes bright red, any time from around mid-late September onwards, weather depending.

The Japanese Maple shown in this image stands at 300-350cm in height, with a beautiful multi-stemmed structure that will still carry interest and form during the winter months when the leaves have fallen.


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