Acer Palm Sango-kaku Specimen


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Acer palmatum ‘Sango-kaku’ is attractive throughout the year: in spring the leaves are a lively pinkish green, turning a rich green in summer and then canary yellow with orange highlights in autumn. It also makes a fine winter feature, with the bark on all its younger shoots and branches a conspicuous coral red.

When grown as a specimen like this one, its impact is impressive and it becomes such a feature of the garden, come take a look at this stunning tree in all its beauty in our Nursery Park.

This image was taken on the nursery of the tree when it was slightly younger and in the early Autumn when we were still lovingly growing it to its current stature.  When adding this to our Nursery Park stock the tree had no leaves so we will add a new image very soon, in the meantime come see it for yourself