Acer palm. Aoyagi / Japanese Maple Aoyagi

Acer Palm Aoyagi

Acer palm. Aoyagi / Japanese Maple Aoyagi

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Description :

Aoyagi means green coral and the green coral bark is considered to be the most outstanding feature of this tree. The leaves in spring come out amazing chartreuse before turning more green in summer. Autumn colour is fiery orange and yellow.

This upright-growing tree is not fast growing but can reach 8m high, forming a rounded top. Looks spectacular when planted next to a contrasting ‘Sango Kaku’.

Prefers to be in dappled shade for best colours but will tolerate full sun.

Like all Maples Acer palmatum ‘Aoyagi’ doesn’t require any pruning routine. Ā The best time to prune is the late autumn or winter when the plant is fully dormant.

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25L 125-150cm

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