Acer Japonicum Aureum

Acer Aureum

Acer Japonicum Aureum

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Description :

Medium sized tree , this Golden Japanese Maple ‘Aureum’ will grow to 4m but slowly so not any time soon! With leaf colour varying at different seasons this small pretty and distinctly Japanese tree brings a flash of gold to the garden throughout the summer months. It has rounded yellow leaves, each having about multiple toothed lobes. It’s vivid young yellow leaves in spring, yellow-green in summer and shades of brilliant yellow, orange and red in autumn. Shelter from strong winds and severe frost is also important as it can get leaf scorch like most Japanese Maples.

Please note this is the Acer Japonicum Aureum and not theĀ  Acer shirasawanum ‘Aureum’ / Golden full moon maple

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70L 150-175cm

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