Acer Freemanni Autumn Blaze

Acer Freemannii Autumn Blaze

Acer Freemanni Autumn Blaze

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Description :

Acer Freemanni Autumn Blaze (Freeman Maple) is a fast growing, large deciduous tree, noted for its ascending branch habit and glorious autumn colour. It’s dense, oval to rounded canopy of deeply cut, bright green leaves, turns brilliant orange / scarlet to crimson / red in autumn. The  delicate foliage holds its colour for several weeks before shedding to the ground. The Freeman Maple also provides some winter interest, with its smooth, thin grey bark that becomes slightly furrowed with age.

Autumn blaze is excellent as a specimen planting and one of the most brilliant Maple for autumn colour. It is drought tolerant when established and grows in most soils

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10-12cm Bare-root, 12-14cm girth, Standard, Bag

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